Exclusive and limited-edition items not found anywhere else, only here.

An E-commerce Destination Unlike Any Other

Satoshi’s Lounge is different from traditional e-commerce sites.
100% Crypto
We only accept Loot Tickets (LTT) for purchases. You have a fast and painless Know Your Customer check you must pass to have items sent to you; we must be compliant.
24 Hours on Auction
All items are limited-edition or unique and offered first for 24 hours on auction. If the reserve is not met, items are listed in a Buy-It-Now section, at the reserve price, plus 10%.
The Bag
You cannot place items in a cart, and there are no return policies. Instead, when you buy, the items appear in your bag. From there, you can ship them at your leisure, or for items that do not need to be shipped, we list the relevant steps for your to claim them.
You enter where to ship it, and our white gloved servicemen find the best rate for you. You pay shipping with in-world Credits.


Auctions are time-based. Items are sold to the highest bidder once the reserve price is met. You can type in your bid and click "Bid Now," or you can choose the preset amount above the current bid and click "Bid Now." If a bid is received in the last 30 seconds, the timer resets to 30 seconds. Only the winner pays.

Any issues? Contact support. We're here to help.

Click buy, LTT is debited from your account, and the item will be placed in your bag. This is a first-come, first-served process.

Click on the item (or items) you would like to ship and enter your shipping address. We'll calculate the shipping cost. Pay in Credits. We will send you a confirmation and tracking number.

The signup and login process is standardized across all Loot NFT products. Use the same credentials to access Loot Arena, The Fund, X by SL, and Satoshi's Lounge.