Exclusive and limited-edition items not found anywhere else, only here.

Loot Tickets (LTT)

Our native Cryptocurrency.

LTT are mined (issued) through a process of battle-bidding in the Loot Arena. When they are redeemed, they are burned (or retired permanently). Loot NFT Co LLC does not own any LTT.

Anyone can send LTT in and out of Satoshi’s Lounge. You can also buy from the LTT marketplace (they get In-World Credits [1 Credit = 1 USDC], and you get LTT). You can also sell your LTT. (Functionality coming soon)

I don't have LTT?

You can purchase them here from others with Credits. Once the process is complete, the LTT is transferred from the seller's account to the purchaser's account. Credits are purchased with USDC ERC20. (Functionality coming soon)

I don't have USDC (ERC20)?