Exclusive and limited-edition items not found anywhere else, only here.

Shipping Details

We deal with two types of items at Satoshi's Lounge: (a) things that you use across Loot NFT, like improvements to your profile, land, etc., and (b) physical or digital and physical items that are sent outside of Loot NFT. Both will appear in your bag following the purchase.

For the former (i.e., type a, it will either appear automatically in your account or we will issue some instructions on how to claim your purchase), and for the latter (i.e., type b), you will need to tell us where to ship it (in the meantime, the items are in our custody), and pay the shipping and handling cost in Credits (1 Credit = 1 USDC). You'll receive an invoice to pay, and once the money is transferred, the shipping process starts. We will provide you with your tracking details.

Any issues? Contact support. We're here to help.